Band T-Shirts

When it comes to alternative fashion items that will be trending this season one simply can’t overlook band t-shirts. While 2014 also had an inkling of band t-shirts in its summer collection this alternative fashion item truly came into its own in 2015 with the world re-embracing this trendy fashion item.

Whether it is a Kiss FM t-shirt or one of the 80s and 90s rock band t-shirts you will certainly be mastering this alternative trend. In fact, don’t just settle for what fashion imposes. Try to come up with something personal as this fashion item allows a lot of flexibility and the ability to express one’s own musical interests.

If you don’t like Guns’n’Roses don’t feel compelled to wear their brand on your t-shirt simply because it is trending. Find a band you love, buy one of their t-shirts or even look at a bargain store for a vintage model and stay hip with the help of your favorite tunes.

In fact, this trendy item isn’t just a way to bust out something discarded from your closet. There are so many awesome bands out there that also have a decent merchandising strategy set in place. This will allow you to truly wear what you like to listen to while also enjoying the best that fashion has to offer.

The versatility of this item is also quite impressive. While it is ideal with a pair of jeans, you can basically rock your band t-shirt with just about any clothing out there. A skirt, sure, a pair of tight or baggy pants, of course, a winter jacket, perfect. Regardless of what season or what the weather is like, from beach weather to snowy winter, you can match you band t-shirt with whatever you are wearing.

This item will also allow you to send some interesting and sometimes quite amusing messages if you so wish. For example you don’t just have to wear the t-shirt of a band you like. You can also ironically mock bands or singers that you don’t really feel are your style or are over exposed.

Mixing logos with names is another interesting aspect of this fashion item which makes it that much more awesome. Who wouldn’t want to wear a black t-shirt which has the Misfits logo and Beyoncé’s lettering on it or a Lou Reed t-shirt where you will find Iggy Pop in one of his trademark stances.

Cartier Santos for Lady

The history of wrist watches starts with Santos-Dumont who in 1904 asked his friend Louis Cartier to make a time keeping device that could be worn on the wrist. So, naturally, when the Brazilian „Father of Aviation” came out of the cockpit after successfully completing a world-famous flight in 1906, the media and the huge crowd were curious and amazed about the wrist watch he was wearing. Their interest in this innovative type of watch is what alimented the evolution of timepieces from pocket watches to modern wrist watches.

More than a century has passed since its debut and the Cartier Santos did not change that much. Its design still represents a tribute to the original aesthetics and functionality of the initial Santos that accompanied Santos-Dumont on its legendary flight. The modern Cartier Santos has four versions: Sants Demoiselle (for ladies), Santos 100, Santos-Dumont and Santos de Cartier Galbée. These preserve three of the most important particularities of the first Cartiers Santos wrist watch: fully incorporated lugs, no structural gap between the attachments and the case and an innovative square case with rounded corners.

The Cartier Santos for Lady line is called Demoiselle after the famous light aircraft used by Santos-Dumont to fly around the world. Of course, there are numerous color versions of this very refined and fashionable design, such as pink, white or yellow gold cases. The watches are available either in small or extra small case sizes. And there are even very expensive variations that feature round-cut diamonds on the dial, bezel or band.

Many modern and fashionable women prefer this lady’s Cartier watch because of its sophisticated appearance. In consequence, on the market of fake watches, there are a lot of replicas available for this design and as per replica review site we should know what details we should study closely before ordering a Cartier Demoiselle imitation.

The first thing you must know about a Cartier Demoiselle is that this is a very elegant and simple watch. It looks utterly refined without even trying. It has a natural beauty which compliments every wardrobe choice you make. The watch doesn’t have many design embellishments so finding a good replica isn’t that hard. Any good quality fake Cartier Demoiselle must have a simple and sleek unicolor dial, large roman numerals as hour markers, small, but obvious minutes indexes and blue hands for minutes and hours. There are no small counters for seconds, minutes, hours, chronograph, a date or day window. The case has a squared shape and the corners are nicely rounded. Furthermore, the winding crown of this fake Cartier Santos for Lady features a prominent blue stone that matches the color of the hours and minutes hands.

This very petite and fragile looking Demoiselle replica watch is very sturdy and resistant because it is manufactured from full solid stainless steel. This makes it feel genuine and durable. It comes with a high end quartz movement so the case is very slim and feminine, just like on the authentic watch. As all battery operated watches is very accurate. Unlike automatic movement watches, a quartz replica watch doesn’t need to be wound, it does not stop and it does not need regular re-setting. It is practical and functional.

If you love a timeless watch that reinterprets classic style with elegance and refinement then the women’s version of the famous Santos watch is perfect for you. A Cartier Demoiselle replica watch offers just the right amount of sophistication and grace, and it definitely represents the wisest possible choice for your budget.

Hair And Makeup Trends

Since most 2015 trends have been already shown on the most famous catwalks, people are looking into their influences to be prepared for the spring summer season. Let’s see what the influences are for hair and makeup.


When it comes to hair, inspiration is drawn from undone styles but with very feminine influences. You will love to see the cute unkempt hair along with casual attire. You can also go for a very simple look that hasn’t been done for a very long time, pulled back hair that is secured with a simple hairband. This might not be glamorous but it seems that at least part of these trends are going towards comfortable looks, which is definitely good news.

There is also the half-up style which is a retro look and it doesn’t have to be professional at all. Actually, the hairstylist at Veronica Beard said that women should look like they’ve done their hair themselves, a bit uneven, a bit ruffled. Another one of the trends that have been continuously in for the past years is braiding. Braided hair is extremely feminine and will certainly complement the flowery fabrics and the colourful jewellery.

Another hair trend is making the hair look like it was air dried. Even if it’s not, the look is pretty simple to obtain, especially if you have medium to short hair.


Since other fashion elements indicate a celebration of femininity, makeup trends seem to complement that idea. Vera Wang’s presentation showed exactly what kind of makeup we should expect in 2015. The models had beautiful dreamy makeup, sometimes with added sparkles, sometimes more neutral. The main colour was plum and it was found everywhere: on the eyelids, nails or lips. Mauve and violet were also present, all in smoky combinations or along with brown thick eyeliner. Black eyeliner is also a must so if you want to thoroughly prepare for this spring you should definitely buy one.

Red lips are a must, but if you don’t like red you can also try a plum colour or a dark brownish colour. But go for the classic look, and you will have to choose red. Don’t forget to pair it with a neutral face makeup.

After so many trends involving nails that are embellished with all kind of colours and patterns, this year you get to use neutral nail polish, such as pale pink or nude. The bold colours on nails are gone and the subtle the shades are the better.