Hair And Makeup Trends

Since most 2015 trends have been already shown on the most famous catwalks, people are looking into their influences to be prepared for the spring summer season. Let’s see what the influences are for hair and makeup.


When it comes to hair, inspiration is drawn from undone styles but with very feminine influences. You will love to see the cute unkempt hair along with casual attire. You can also go for a very simple look that hasn’t been done for a very long time, pulled back hair that is secured with a simple hairband. This might not be glamorous but it seems that at least part of these trends are going towards comfortable looks, which is definitely good news.

There is also the half-up style which is a retro look and it doesn’t have to be professional at all. Actually, the hairstylist at Veronica Beard said that women should look like they’ve done their hair themselves, a bit uneven, a bit ruffled. Another one of the trends that have been continuously in for the past years is braiding. Braided hair is extremely feminine and will certainly complement the flowery fabrics and the colourful jewellery.

Another hair trend is making the hair look like it was air dried. Even if it’s not, the look is pretty simple to obtain, especially if you have medium to short hair.


Since other fashion elements indicate a celebration of femininity, makeup trends seem to complement that idea. Vera Wang’s presentation showed exactly what kind of makeup we should expect in 2015. The models had beautiful dreamy makeup, sometimes with added sparkles, sometimes more neutral. The main colour was plum and it was found everywhere: on the eyelids, nails or lips. Mauve and violet were also present, all in smoky combinations or along with brown thick eyeliner. Black eyeliner is also a must so if you want to thoroughly prepare for this spring you should definitely buy one.

Red lips are a must, but if you don’t like red you can also try a plum colour or a dark brownish colour. But go for the classic look, and you will have to choose red. Don’t forget to pair it with a neutral face makeup.

After so many trends involving nails that are embellished with all kind of colours and patterns, this year you get to use neutral nail polish, such as pale pink or nude. The bold colours on nails are gone and the subtle the shades are the better.